SS 1610 Stainless Steel Taper Lock Bushing

If you are wondering what stainless metal tapered locking bushing is, you’re not on your own. Usually utilized to mount pulleys on shafts, these bushings are an outstanding decision for food applications. Due to the fact they are produced of stainless metal, these bushings are extremely sturdy and offer excellent clamping power. You can uncover these bushings in a variety of bore dimensions and designs, and they are also available in a number of various resources.
If you are seeking for industrial-quality bushings, look no more than American Roller Chains. Their tapered locking hubs characteristic stainless metal construction and in depth locking sections. If you require something various, question them for personalized specifications. Their bushings are precision-manufactured with exact proportions to stay robust even in excessive temperatures. Whether or not you want bushings for a slender shaft or a big motor, they are a ideal match.

Proportions of SS 1610 stainless metal taper lock bushing

  • Bushing Dimensions: SS-1610
  • Bore Dimension: 1″、1-1/16″、1-1/8″、1-3/sixteen”、1-1/4″、1-5/16″、1-9/sixteen”、1-3/8″、1/2″、9/sixteen”、1-5/8″、11/sixteen”、13/16‘、3/4″、7/8″、15/sixteen”、10mm、11mm、12mm、14mm、16mm、18mm、19mm、20mm、22mm、24mm、25mm、28mm、30mm、32mm、35mm、38mm、40mm、42mm
  • Dimension (A): 2-1/4″
  • Dimension (B): 1″
  • Dimension (D): 2-1/8″
  • Bushing Excess weight: .7 LBS

There are numerous rewards to using stainless steel tapered locking bushings. The bushings are pre-drilled and the outer taper matches the bore of the shaft. After installation, screw the bushing to preserve a firm match. Right here are some of the most critical rewards. Study on to learn far more about these items. Rewards of Stainless Steel Taper-Lock Bushings:
A single of the most apparent rewards of stainless metal tapered locking bushings is their potential to face up to large temperatures. Since of this, they are the 1st decision for applications the place temperatures may possibly increase earlier mentioned appropriate boundaries. The lower-temperature steadiness of the stainless metal cone lock also can make it best for corrosive environments. These qualities make stainless metal tapered locking bushings the ideal choice for use in severe problems.

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